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THE WALLPAPER PRINTER, A strategic partner, in a global market


We manufacture high quality wallpaper by using a bulletproof process and a collaborative team environment.

Designing a wallpaper collection may sound a little daunting but it need not be. By collaborating with our experienced design team, who provide much more than just design, we help you to develop fresh, innovative and stylish wall coverings. Creativity is our passion.

We love what we do and pride ourselves on our methods and exacting standards. Every client we collaborate with receives our special attention. From how to best set up artwork files ready for print, to changes and suggestions that could improve the final product. We work hard to deliver an honest and reliable approach with client satisfaction, our principal objective.

Redefining an industry must start with just a product sample.

If our experience has taught us anything, it is that wallpaper samples are as important in this modern era as they have ever been. Whether you are selling through stockists or solely online, customers love to see and feel the product in their hands. But sending samples worldwide can be an expensive exercise and can take a long to be delivered, if they arrive at all.

But we have this sorted. By utilising our two warehouses based in the US and Australia, (UK coming soon) we can ship samples direct to your customer. Not only does this make it a local delivery, reducing cost and time, but opens up markets that may have once been to hard to service.

Plan on stocking your wallpaper collection with resellers? Then you will need swatch books too.

Our strength is identifying what you need to achieve your goals. You might be a large multi-national that has branded retail stores dotted around the globe, or a small hardworking startup. Whatever you position, the production of Swatch Books is an important step in not only selling your range, but enhancing or developing your brand.

We have worked incredibly hard to become your  ‘one stop wallpaper shop’. By offering the development and production of swatch books, ordered on demand and shipped where you need them. We make it easy for you to develop strategies that will help your collection achieve its objectives and brand reach.

It’s your collection and its important the world knows it.

We understand that you have worked tirelessly to build your brand identity and that brand recognition is of the utmost importance. That’s why we put your brand first. Maximising its value and commercial objectives and giving strength to the development of its value.

Everything from hanging instructions to the box your wallpaper ships in will be designed by you to suit your brand. We have created templates for all support material in order to make it as easy as possible to showcase your company’s story, voice and visual identity.

We deliver a sustainable solution for your business. Developed with your growth as our mission.

If you are still reading this, it’s obvious you have a sincere interest in creating a wallpaper collection. You have probably done a fair amount of research and are armed with a good knowledge of how the system works. Now go ahead a forget all that, because we do things differently. Remember we said earlier that our intention is to change an industry. Well, this one is a biggy for us and one of our key benefits. We don’t have a minimum order requirement to get the best price.

You will have noticed that most manufactures will give you a price, you only need to order 500 or more units in order to receive it. That’s a big investment and one that carries risk. That’s not how we do business. We are your strategic partner, developed to help you grow a sustainable wallpaper brand. With low setup costs and no minimum order, we are changing an industry and you can too.

Our Strategic Advantages

No Minimum Orders

Our intelligent production systems allow for any size order. Be it 1 roll or 1000’s.

Wallpaper made to order

We embrace a lean manufacturing process. Benefiting our clients (you!), your customers and the environment.

Localised Sampling

With warehouses on two continents, it opens up new markets with cheap sample fulfilment.

Drop Ship Fulfilment

By utilising our drop shipping service, you can spend less time on processing orders and more time on brand growth and strategy.

Superior Product

With the widest digital paper on the market (24″) and printing at 4 rolls per minute. It’s Simple; we are the new industry standard.

Your strategic partner

We believe in design, strategy and the ability of technology to transform an industry.

Our Product Advantages

The base paper

A high quality, hard wearing 150gsm, no tear, double-layered non-woven wallpaper sourced from FSC Certified Forests.

butted seam (butt joint)

All rolls are accurately finished to the industry standard, allowing for easy installation. Preferred by professional installers and the home DIY.


Utilising new and innovative ‘Paste The Wall’ technology that makes hanging wallpaper easier (no decorating table or booking required).


Meets commercial wall covering standards receiving a Class A / Group 1 Fire Rating within ASTM Designation E84-15a and AS/NZS 3837:1998.


Dirt, dust and other marks can be simply cleaned using a damp cloth with soapy water without damaging the integrity of the print.

No limitations

No longer are you limited to a maximum repeat size. Create extra large repeats or even no repeat designs. The options are limitless.


For almost a decade we have been refining our product and production techniques through detailed research and extensive testing. The result? A world-class wall covering that pushes innovation to the limit. But we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. After the initial hugs and high fives, we’re back working harder than ever.

We are a lean and focused company gaining continued business and acknowledgment worldwide. Working directly with a broad range of global clients, from individual designers to large multi-nationals.

We strive to produce the most beautiful wall coverings for our customers through the use of intelligent systems that utilise the latest technological breakthroughs and a global network, our aim is to become the most accessible, efficient and competitive supplier of wallpaper in the world.

So how will we achieve this lofty goal? Simple. By being the perfect partner for your wallpaper collection. From ideation to post-launch, The Wallpaper Printer ensures a clear path to your success. That success, is our best business card.

Professionalism, pragmatism, practicality, reliability, flexibility and scalability are our foundations. A new age in wallpaper production has begun, and by partnering with us you lay the foundation to develop a global market for your collection.

We started with one simple intention; To change an industry. We succeed in this by providing our customers with beautifully manufactured wall coverings that are supported with superior service, quick delivery times, low setup costs, no minimums orders, drop shipping and sampling available on 3 different continents. #nailedit




Metres Manufactured




Partnering with The Wallpaper Printer has allowed me to develop a commercially viable wallpaper brand. I love how there are no surprises, their products are of great quality which is paramount for me to best showcase my designs. Their honesty, reliability, creativity and innovation makes producing new collections cost effective and easy. Allowing me to react quickly to emerging trends and markets. 

Kenneth King

Director - Kingdom Home

Questions & answers

Once your collection has been finalised, current production scheduling will have any orders filled within 14-21 days, however we are constantly working on ways to shorten our production times.

Of course. In fact we recommend it. We keep up to date stock levels so that you know exactly how much product you have at any one time. You may not need to carry a lot in each location, just enough to cover orders through our 14 day production cycle.

Like for a custom hotel? You sure can. We take exactly the same steps as if you were creating a new design for a collection. As we know these type of jobs can take time, you won’t need to finalise the order until it is specified or the scheduling is right.

No not at all. That’s the beauty of what we have to offer. We give everybody the means to curate and create a commercially viable wallpaper collection for themselves. We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes, from scrappy single person start-ups to large-scale international brands. While you build the company of your dreams, we will make the wallpaper that you have always dreamed of.

Most definitely! Our collaborative nature, commitment to communication and proven workflow makes it feel like we are just up the road. We’re veterans of our craft and here to make the process painless no matter where in the world you are situated. A new age has begun. With the tools available today, wallpaper is being redefined.


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  • YOUR STRATEGIC PARTNER We believe in design strategy and the
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCT With the widest digital paper on the market
  • By utilising our two warehouses based in the US and
  • Professionality pragmatism practicality reliability flexibility and scalability are our foundations
  • We manufacture high quality wallpaper by using a bulletproof process